A Note From McCain
& Family Fund

Cheryl Ward
Family Fund CEO

Cheryl says...

Raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person costs around three times more than children without additional needs. Many parents become full time carers, often unable to work due to the need to provide higher levels of support, and what may be round the clock care.

Parenting children with complex physical and emotional needs can be challenging, but families absolutely need and deserve the chance to enjoy the simple things in life – like coming together at mealtimes. This is why we are so thrilled to partner with McCain whose support will drive us towards our goal of providing 150,000 grants and services to vulnerable families.

Howard Snape
McCain GB and Ireland Regional President

Howard says...

We're incredibly excited to be partnering with Family Fund over the next three years to help them towards their goal to provide 150,000 grants and services per year to families across the UK raising disabled or seriously ill children.

As a family business we believe every family should be able to enjoy mealtimes together, taking time for the little moments that matter. For some families, this isn't always possible. That's why we want to help Family Fund especially during this difficult time when families are incredibly vulnerable and businesses have a responsibility to show support and drive change and meaningful action.

We look forward to seeing how our partnership can make a positive difference and continuing our work to help British families and communities across the country, with a particular focus on championing different types of families at mealtimes.